Graduates of the Faculty of Architecture of the Università degli Studi in Florence, whose friendship and affinity led to the establishment, in 1994, of their professional joint venture: the studio Architetti Associati C. Di Marzio & A. Forte. Their earliest work in industrial design saw them involved in the development of objects of crystal, exhibited at Macef in Milan.


Annunziata Forte & Cristina Di Marzio


Their professional experience has broadened with their work on architectural projects for offices, trade-fair stands, commercial edifices and private homes.

The architects’ mutual understanding is based on interaction rather than on analogies, so that together they discover innovative solutions, balancing theory and practice, practicality and abstraction, aesthetics and functionality.

Whether they design objects, houses, spaces or atmospheres, their approach and method are exactly the same: fundamental are accurately chosen materials, attention to detail – and to light, the project’s defining element.

Through a subtle alchemy of form and matter, their projects express and transmit sensations, equilibrium between quality of materials and purity of form: refinement of detail and chromatic sobriety combine to create a harmonious style, which survives fashion and defies time.